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Our comfortable bicycle seats, gel bicycle seat pads, and exercise bike seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise. 



Comfortable Bicycle Seats - Derri-Air Seats


Exercise Bike Seat

             Adaptor Kit  - Fit any bike seat on your exercise bike!
                       Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Why Buy Derri-Air?

Our seats are the only bicycle seats available with these features:

  • Comfort Guarantee - Our 30-Day Risk-Free Trial says it all.  With ultra soft foam padding, new GelFoam technology and fully adjustable dual-suspension springs, you'll find Our seats are the most comfortable bicycle seats available - guaranteed or your money back!!

  • Dynamic/Flexible - Unlike standard gel bike seats that are rigid, Our seats move with you - not against you.  The gelfoam layers flex as you move, allowing better blood circulation and less pressure on your rear end.

  • Healthier - Perineal numbness (aka numb-butt syndrome), erectile dysfunction and impotency are emerging as health concerns among bicyclists.  Our seats are designed with these issues in mind - The EasySeat, with no horn and will reduce trauma in the groin area from nasty bumps and spills; support your buns and maintain the central cutout, reducing pressure and increasing blood circulation; and friction-reducing Lycra to avoid thigh chaffing.

  • More Durable - The Lycra seat covers are durable.  Extensive testing in our labs, as well as on the high mountain trails of the Rockies have proven the reliability of the patented dual-suspension asprings. 

  • Wider - A larger "footprint" = less pounds per square inch = a comfortable, healthier ride.  at 11 or 12 inches wide, our seats are an excellent choice for exercise bikes too.

  • Multi-Task-able - Our seats are "all-season" seats.  Enjoy your Derri-Air Seat in good weather on your mountain bike, road bike, and moped.  Use it indoors during inclement weather on your stationary/exercise bike.

  • New Technology - Ergonomically designed and engineered for health, comfort, adjustability, and durability using 21st century technology and materials.

Find the right seat for you!


We do more than just measure up to the competition!


See The Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat Available. 
Guaranteed or Your Money Back!   Comfortable Bicycle Seats









Derri-Air   Derriair   Comfortable Bicycle Seats & Exercise Bike Seats

Call Toll Free  (855) 855-1976 

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Mailing Address: PO Box 305 Rexford, MT 59930
Freight & Warehouse & UPS/FEDEX Address: 1409 Monarch Lane, Rexford, MT  59930


NEW - Customizable Gel Bicycle Seat and Exercise Bike Seat Pad

Use our wide comfortable bicycle seats and exercise bike seats on your outdoor bicycle and indoor exercise bike.
Fits mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, comfort bikes, stationary bikes and mopeds too. 
( Our Amazon Store: Derriairbikeseats ) - Get more exercise and get healthy! 

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