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Our comfortable bicycle seats, gel bicycle seat pads, and exercise bike seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise. 



Comfortable Bicycle Seats - Derri-Air Seats


          Read what tri-athletes, bike tour companies, long distance riders, and mothers say about our seats.

Customer Comments

 Current Customer Feedback

5/27/13  5  Received the item before time and I'm very pleased with the seat. 


5/26/13  4  Product is very good and am very pleased. 

5/26/13  5  Excellent 

5/25/13  5  Fast Shipping, Love the seat, Thanks!!!!!! 

5/20/13  5  great seat cover / worth every penny 

5/19/13  5  This was a successful purchase. The item arrived quickly and was as advertised. 

5/17/13  5  I had some correspondence beforehand with the seller which answered my questions - great service, fast shipping - the bicycle seat was perfect for my exercise bike and makes it much more likely that I will use it. 

5/15/13  5  Arrived right away. No problems. 

5/14/13  5  Great service & product! 


I received my seat today and have been riding around with it. Am very happy with it. It's as comfortable as the ad said and was easy to install. Shipping was timely and the price was reasonable. Thank you very much for making this an excellent transaction!
Sincerely,  V.B.

Adaptor arrived today, it's exactly what I wanted, thanks for your help. I.S.

This seller has the best bike pad of all! He took the measurements of my bike seat and added extra gel padding. I had bought 3 other pads and this is the best. Thank you! T.T.

Nice seat fits the Airdyne well. Takes the pain out of riding! R.C.

The seat cover is so nice...could not be happier! B.D.

Very pleased. I will ride my Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike now. The bicycle seat cover made such a difference. Really is comfortable and fit the seat. J.D.

Great pad, these guys saved my butt! :)  R.M.

It worked great! Worth every penny. J.M.

Wonderful seat. Happy with purchase! It made a huge difference!  L.W.

The seat was very cushy....just what my Dad needed. It arrived quickly and fits his stationary bike (older model) very well. L.L.

The seat is much bigger than I thought it would be but it feels so good. It more than doubles the time I can spend on the bike. Ill be using this for a while. W.M.

OMG! My toosh was very, very grateful. D.D.



- About the 11" Wide Bicycle Seat -

We received our new Big Wide 11 inch comfort seat today.  I mounted it without any difficulty.  My wife likes it.  She said:  Throw away the other seat.  She rode a mile and offered to let me check it out.  I said I was fixing strawberry shortcake.  I took a ride later on and the seat is comfortable.  I would recommend a friend to your company.

- Dick A.
  Willard, Missouri

- About the Horse Shoe Seat -

Thank you so much for the great bike seat! I bought the horse shoe seat. Very comfortable for such a small looking seat. Thanks again

- Nick R.

- About the Wide Gel Exercise Bike Seat Pad/Cover -

You saved me!! I tore my hip labrum running, had surgery and my rehab involves a lot of exercise biking.
I love my bike but the seat was so uncomfortable I had to do SOMETHING. I wrapped the seat in 2 layers of bubble wrap (desperate measures), put a pillow case on top and that made it tolerable to use the bike temporarily. YES! I got my gel seat cover in today and doubtful it would be as good as the bubble wrap, I put it on and I am very very happy. It's great and better than bubble wrap. I can even use it on my regular bike. 

- Claudia S.

- About the Custom Exercise Bike Seat Adaptor -

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was/am with the seat adapter and timely shipping! I think I ordered it late on a Thur. and it was here early Mon morning! Too, the adapter is awesome! I don't know if you guys manufacturer these or just sell them, but I've looked for something to be able to use a different saddle on my LifeCycle for a year. This gadget works great! (and it was even black. I figured I'd paint it myself once I got it, since in the pictures it was white, but that had already been taken care of as well...) Thanks so much!

- Peter B.
Redmond, WA

- About the Hornless Bicycle Seat -

Hi - I just want to let you know that the 2 seats I ordered recently arrived within the time you said they would and I'm very happy with both the quality and style.  It was thoroughly tested out on Sunday morning and at last I had a comfortable cycle ride so many thanks - what a wonderful invention !   Regards

- Sue B.
  Great Britain

- About the Wide Gel Exercise Bike Seat Pad/Cover -

I received the seat cover for my exercise bike and it is excellent. I have also used it on the seat of my Concept 2 rowing ergometer and it is fabulous.

- Arnold K.

- About the Medium Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover -

Hello, Just received my bike seat. It fits perfect and feels really good. Thanks.

- Lenore B.

- About the 11" Wide Exercise Bike Seat -

I have one seat already and it is great.  The ladies love them.
(ordered 2 more)

- Georgia W.
  G's Gym
  Meridian, MS

- About the Medium Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover -

Kind regards

- Ian M.
  Tokyo, Japan

- About the Wide Gel Exercise Bike Seat Pad/Cover -

Just wanted to write a quick note to praise my new 13" padded bicycle seat cover that I recently ordered from Derri-Air. It fit my stationary bike to a tee! The cushion is luxuriously thick which keeps me comfortable and keeps me from sliding around on the vinyl seat.

After years with a reoccurring foot injury, I've had to replace my regular exercise routine with bicycling. Thank you for helping to make it an enjoyable experience!

- Rachel M.

- About the Medium Gel Exercise Bike Seat Pad/Cover -

WOW! I just received by Bike Seat! It fits perfect! I purchase a lot of items at and they give great service! I compare all other Internet companies to them! I have to say that my first experience with your company was Outstanding! I did not expect to receive my seat this soon! I and my achy derriére thank you!

Keep up the excellent service!

- Jazz W.

- About the 12" Wide Bicycle Seat -

I bought one of your 12 inch seats for my kona mountain bike. I live in Japan and I have really enjoyed using the derri-air seat - no numbness even after extended rides. It is one of the best and most common-sense technology applications for bicycles in a long time. Your gel formulation seems to be superior to some of gel seats I have seen in Japan.

Well, just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I like your products.

- Nelson
  Gifu City, Japan

- About the Bench Bicycle Seat -

I received the seats Wednesday afternoon, and my husband immediately installed them. (Very easy). The following day, we went on a 5 miles ride.......the comfort is astounding. My husband and I didn't even feel like we had been on the bikes that long. During the previous weeks of enduring those ridiculously hard, narrow seats, we had been limited to 2-3 mile rides before one or the other of us had to give up due to pain or numbness in our "seats". This product is wonderful and I have already recommended it to one of my coworkers. Thank you so much!!

- Laura W.

- About the Hornless Bicycle Seat -

My brother, who hadn't ridden a bike in many years, took a ten mile ride on one of these seats and swore he didn't feel a thing. And this guy is really large.

- M. M.

- About the Medium Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover -

Thanks so much for your quick shipment. I can't decide which is new bike seat cover or your excellent service. I sincerely appreciate your speedy response to my order!

- Pat F.

- About the Narrow Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover and DerriAir -

Works great, very fast shipping, thanks.

- Edward S.

- About the 11" Wide Bicycle Seat  and DerriAir -

As advertised, fast delivery.

- Andrew K.

- About the Medium Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover  and DerriAir -

It works. Now I can use that expensive toy bought 3 years ago that cut into my derriere like a knife. Small concern is longevity as I weigh 270. Good appearance. Seems well made.

- Robert C.

- About the Wide Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover and DerriAir -

Super fast shipping. Easy and excellent transaction.

- Pam N.

- About the Medium Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover  and DerriAir -

Very fast delivery. Excellent condition. Thank you!

- Jill B.

- About the Medium Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover  and DerriAir -

Great product, good price, quick shipper - Thanks!!!

- Mike B.

- About the Narrow Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/ Cover -

Comforts my rear end, good product.

- Jorge S.

- About DerriAir -

Very prompt delivery. Excellent service. Highly recommend. Thank you.

- Dean E.

- About the Wide Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover and DerriAir -

The seat appears to work fine.

- Larry M.

- About DerriAir -

Super Quick. A+++ service....thanks.

- J.W.

- About the Medium Gel Exercise Bike Seat Pad/Cover -

It's a great product for the Marcy Fan Bike.

- Cassandra R.

- About the Wide Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover -

A++++ Thanks, could not find locally.

- Thomas M.

- About the Narrow Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover, Wide Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover and DerriAir -

Prompt delivery.

- Robert S.

- About the Wide Gel Bicycle Seat Pad/Cover -

Well worth the price. Very comfortable and seat is very wide.

- Jacqueline S.

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NEW - Customizable Gel Bicycle Seat and Exercise Bike Seat Pad

Use our wide comfortable bicycle seats and exercise bike seats on your outdoor bicycle and indoor exercise bike.
Fits mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, comfort bikes, stationary bikes and mopeds too. 
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