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Our comfortable bicycle seats, gel bicycle seat pads, and exercise bike seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise. 

Comfortable Bicycle Seats - Derri-Air Seats




If you need help, please call us.


Instructions for our covers - Lycra and Sheepskin Covers

Standard Gel Seats

Return and Shipping Instructions

Exercise Bike Seat Adaptor Instructions

Seat Post Clamp Installation Instructions

Easyseat Instructions

Hornless Seats

Horseshoe Seats

Custom Gel Pads

Contour Seats / Contour Seats with Support Bar

Our seats are designed to cradle your anatomy and should be mounted horizontally (flat) for maximum comfort and performance. Tilting the seat either forwards or backwards can cause discomfort, decrease the ease of pedaling, and could lead to making one look silly. Our team says, "Don't go there!"


The seats mount to any bicycle using the standard bike mounting system. These are the two systems used on all bicycles.

NOTE: Some exercise bikes have square or rectangular seat posts and only the original seat will fit these, call us and we will have or make an adaptor to fit your bike.

If your seat post looks like this:

Use a metric hex wrench to remove the old seat from the post Install the new seat on the post.


If your seat post looks like this:

 7/8" round seat post clamp

Use a 14 mm wrench or adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts on the clamp.

Remove clamp from the seat post.  If you have trouble getting the clamp off of your old seat, ( this seldom happens) you may purchase a new clamp from your local bicycle dealer for about $6.00.  Let us know if you need one.

If you need a new 7/8" round seat post clamp, order one with your seat and SAVE!

Remove clamp from the old seat.

Install the clamp on the new seat.  See clamp installation instructions - here

Install clamp on seat post.


See the exercise adaptor kit installation instructions - here

Some exercise bikes have square or rectangular seat posts and only the original seat will fit these, call us and we will have or make an adaptor to fit your bike.



See The Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat Available. 
Guaranteed or Your Money Back!   Comfortable Bicycle Seats






Derri-Air   Comfortable Bicycle Seats & Exercise Bike Seats

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Mailing Address: PO Box 305 Rexford, MT 59930
Freight & Warehouse Address: 1409 Monarch Lane, Rexford, MT  59930

NEW - Customizable Gel Bicycle Seat and Exercise Bike Seat Pad

Use our wide comfortable bicycle seats and exercise bike seats on your outdoor bicycle and indoor exercise bike.
Fits mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, comfort bikes, stationary bikes and mopeds too. 
Derriairbikeseats - Get more exercise and get healthy! 

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